Hit and Run Driver Crushes TechEase Cars

By June 1st in News

The impact moved the cars over 10'

Saturday May 28th at 3PM a Chevy Suburban lost control in the parking lot at 3433 State Street and careened into 2 parked cars, ramming one car several feet out of the spot into the car next to it.  Then the driver fled the scene.

Witnesses called 911 and the vehicle was found later that night abandoned on San Remo.  The owner of the vehicle called police later and claimed that he had lent the vehicle to somebody else, who has since disappeared.  The cars that were hit were fleet vehicles belonging to TechEase Computer Solutions, a local computer support company.

20’ skid marks in the parking lot indicate the driver was completing a U-Turn from one aisle to another, skidded out of control, hopped an island and rammed into the Scion xB parked there, which was then plowed into the vehicle next to it.  It is suspected that the driver was intoxicated.

The co-owner of TechEase, Evan Asher, hopes that anybody who might have witnessed the accident and could identify the driver will contact him at (805) 564-3273.  “What’s infuriating is not the damage to the vehicles; that’s what insurance is for.  What upsets me is that somebody so reckless, who obviously needs help, is still out there driving around.  This is an area busy with pedestrian traffic and somebody could’ve been seriously hurt or killed.  We need to get drivers like that off the roads.”

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